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Find qualified freelancers around the world and outsourcing your writing process, you will be well on your way to becoming financially successful.

TRAINING: How to outsource your work to others

Doing everything on your own in business is a thing of the past. You no longer have to turn work away because you just ‘don’t know how to do it’ or you ‘don’t have time’…

You CAN accomplish everything that your business demands AND take all of the credit WITHOUT having to do it yourself!

So, you’re probably asking how? The answer: – Outsourcing!

Yes, you just outsource all of the work you can’t do yourself or don’t have time to do yourself. Today, not only has outsourcing become very popular but it has also practically become the norm for most businesses, large and small alike.

The techniques you learn here can help you vastly expand your business, as well as your earning potential.

This guidebook will teach you how to find all the best people to build your business, and your profits, too!

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Here's what you'll learn inside...

Places to hire freelance writers

Listing of sites you can use to find people to write slogans for you

Thumbtack – Freelancers here have very detailed profiles and portfolios. You can be very picky about the quality of writing and the price range you are comfortable with.

Freelancer – One of the oldest and most established freelance sites on the web.

Upwork A newer site that has become one of the most popular in the world. It is pretty easy to get started and there are a lot of talented people here.

Fiverr– This is quite possibly the largest freelancer site on the internet. There is a lot of talent here, and the fees are quite low.

Envato Studioa modern freelance site that is a branch of the Envato marketplace, which features web developers and designers as well as design professionals.

GuruGuru is one of the largest sites for people with very highly specialized talents. It might be pricier, but you will be able to find very high quality talent.

Sample project instructions for you to use

Use these templates to list your projects to the freelance sites above. Also, feel free to edit and personalize them for your own use.

1. Project Title: Slogan Writer Needed

We need a professional and creative writer to design several catchy slogans for our company.

We are open to suggestions to what the slogans should be. We would also like to have a few variations on each slogan to meet the demands of several niche audiences.

We’d like the completed slogans to be delivered in high-resloution PNG format. All work must be original and will be verified for originality before it is accepted by us. We will retain full and exclusive ownership rights of the completed material.

If we are satisfied with your work, we may have more projects for you in the future!

2. Project Title: Logo and Slogan Designer Needed

We are looking for a talented graphic artist and writer who can do detailed slogan designs of (INSERT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO WRITE/DESIGN) for our t-shirt and merchandise company.

The slogans should show several different versions of (INSERT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO WRITE/DESIGN)

The rendered design should be in high-resolution PNG format.

We will retain full exclusive ownership of the developed drawings. If this turns out well, we will have several new projects for you on a monthly basis.

3. Project Title: Need Catchy Slogans for Merchandise

We are looking for a professional and creative writer to create approximately 50 slogans for our merchandising company.

Slogans should be witty, catchy, short and effective. Any topic or subject is welcome. They will be used for printing on t-shirts, mugs, buttons, stickers, and other merchandise.

We will retain exclusive ownership of the slogans you provide. If this goes well, ongoing opportunities will be available in the future.

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