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Cartoons Make Great Slogans for T-Shirts

For some inspiration, I’ve selected some of my favorite cartoons from someone who I consider to be the best cartoonist online. His name is Loren Fishman, and he does a cartoon panel called “Humoresque” I really love his snappy, to-the-point captions, which really capture the essence of slogan writing.

If you purchased our outsourcing package with the Slogan Seller course, and are looking to use slogans or catchy images for t-shirts and merchandise, you can hire a cartoonist to do this for you. It’s a really fantastic way to create unique, brandable, and marketable designs that will really sell your business.

When I’m looking to use stock cartoons, or other cartoons for websites I always check out this site, as they are the most eye-catching and slickest I’ve found. Check out some of my favorites below:


Hope you enjoyed these cartoons!

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